Toronto Travel Guide

Toronto, headquarters of the Ontario province in Canada, is a crossroad for the world and a famous and busy continental gateway. This city which happens to be Canada’s business capital is an economic powerhouse, of the likes of Chicago, Boston and New York and is ranked among the top 5 cities in North America.

Toronto is a heavyweight and a superpower in the arena of economic development, proteomics, ingenuity and innovation. It boasts of a huge population of 2.6 million residents. The greatest advantage of selecting Toronto as a residence is its closeness to the business district of USA – a short 90 minute flight away.

The most famous towering landmark of Toronto is the CN Tower that rises up and up as far as you can stretch your neck and jabs into the sky like a needle. Along with other swanky skyscrapers, the CN Tower dominates the congested skyline. The city’s main shopping arcades, nightclubs, discos, theatres, concerts etc lie towards the western sides of the city while the northern side houses the chief tourist destinations.

The city is as you can now realize, neatly divided into the financial and business district, entertainment district, tourist district and a verdant downtown. Some of the top attractions in Toronto include the ONTARIO PLACE flanked by a serene waterfront, THE CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION GROUNDS, THE BEACHES housing a waterfront promenade and chic boutiques, the trail laced ravine of DON VALLEY, CASA LOMA – a 20th century castle inspired by medieval architecture, ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM, ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO, TORONTO CITY HALL, a galleria by Santiago Calatrava, THE TORONTO DOMINION CENTER built by Mies van de Rohe, AIR CANADA CENTER and ROGERS CENTER/SKY DOME.

A short walk from the towers and congested offices of the financial hub of the city will bring you to many beautiful green neighborhoods which have earned the fast paced technologically savvy city the epithet of CITY OF NEIGHBOURHOODS.

People in Toronto do not have to take up residences in the suburbs unlike the other north American cities because of the thick foliage, shadowy trees and a thriving spirited atmosphere that turn the downtown neighborhoods into attractive abodes throbbing with vitality and life.

The upscale and posh residential areas, home to celebrities, the rich and the famous and big shots in the corporate world are Forest Hill and Rosedale. You can watch life go by while taking a pleasant stroll in these neighborhoods.

Post modern parks, elegant restaurants and cafes, high street fashion houses from Europe and haute couture stores are the high points of the Yorkville vicinity – a hippy enclave of the swinging sixties. In the flower power seventies it predictably adopted the chi-chi culture. Toronto’s Chinatown is located at Spadina Avenue and is home to an enormous Chinese community.

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